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  • 3 August 2012, 8:09

Black Forest splatto

Black Forest CEN

An astonished motorist has told how her car was crushed by a one ton boulder just two seconds after she'd stepped out of it.

Heidi Huber had just got out her the VW Lupo in a car park in Germany's Black Forest when the huge rock came hurtling down a cliff face plunging straight into the driver's seat.

Police say the driver was treated for shock and minor injuries caused by flying debris.

"The woman had just parked and got out when the rock fell.

"She heard a noise and in the next moment the rock landed on her car. It was a huge," said Breisach am Rhein police spokesman Mirko Steffl.

"She certainly had a bit of a shock, but was lucky to only have lost just her car, not her life," he added.