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  • 22 July 2011, 12:18

Ice ball confusion in Czech Republic

Ice ball

It could be in the running to be the world's largest hailstone, but meteorologists don't believe it's real.

The massive ice ball was bizarrely found in the middle of a forest by a couple out picking mushrooms in Milovice in the Czech Republic.

It was surrounded by mud from the melting ice ball - but there were no tracks - footprints or any other indication of how it had been put there.

Meteorologists rejected suggestions that the huge ball of ice could have fallen from the sky and not broken up - leaving everyone puzzled as to how it got there.

In the meantime the ice ball has attracted UFO watchers and curious locals, and sparked heated debate on how it had ended up in the remote location.

Local farmer Mirek Burzynski said: "It would have weighed tonnes - how it was moved here without a lorry is a mystery. There was certainly nothing like a helicopter here lately - we would have noticed."