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  • 26 March 2013, 13:44

One hundred and nighty

thoh tim

A bizarre ancient version of darts where players dream up the winning score is baffling gambling officials in northern India.

The game - called Thoh tim - involves locals in remote Meghalaya state betting on how many arrows they and their competitors can make stick in a single target.

And they gamble using only numbers that have come to them the night before a game - in dreams.

"If you dream of football match, that's 22 for the number of players," explained a local expert in the regional capital, Shillong, known as the Scotland of the East.

"Two people in an erotic act, well that could be 69 or 11 depending on the act. If both feature, that could be 90. It can get quite complicated," he added.

Local gambling officials have been trying to crack down on the tournaments but have been baffled by the game's vague rules.

"Winning relies on interpreting the dreams accurately and that's a skill, not luck," admitted one.

Experts say 15,000 can change hands in a single tournament.

Khasi Hills Archery Sports Institute general secretary Perekh Lahoo said: "A lot of cash changes hands every day."