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  • 13 January 2011, 13:24

iPhone-controlled beer cannon

Ryan Rusnak and his Beer Bot /NTI Media/Rex

An iPhone-controlled fridge that shoots cans of beer across a room from a cannon has been hailed as the greatest ever bloke's toy.

Ryan Rusnak, 25, created the 'Beer Bot' after deciding that walking to the fridge for another beer was just too much trouble.

His first prototype was a basic vending machine that dropped chilled beers from the fridge into a tray below.

But Mr Rusnak, from Tyson's Corner, Virginia, wasn't satisfied and after talking with co-creator Graham Phero decided to add a compressed air cannon.

He said: "It was kind of famous last words: 'how much pressure should we use?' The first attempt smashed the can into the roof and blew it into a thousand pieces."

Users log into the fridge via a dedicated web server, using a web app developed by Ryan's friend Josh Lilly.

They choose from a selection of beers before using a webcam installed in the front of the perspex-panelled fridge to aim the cannon and send a cold can of beer hurtling across the room.

The fridge even has its own social network profiles, tweeting whenever a beer is fired and sending a notification e-mail to its creator.

Mr Rusnak added: "All the tinkering and everything took about three months to get it absolutely right.

"After working an eight-hour day, coming in and firing a can to yourself is just the best thing. Even now I've fired it hundreds of times and it's still cool."