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  • 4 October 2013, 7:05

Attempt to fly phone into prison on pigeon fails

Phone tied to pigeon

A woman's attempt to fly a mobile phone into a prison on the back of a pigeon failed when the exhausted bird collapsed just after clearing the jail walls.

Cristielli Mansa, 21, had attempted to send the device to her boyfriend, Wagner Machado Rodrigues, 19, who had been arrested for drug trafficking.

Unfortunately for the pair, the pigeon cleared the three-metre high wall of the Central Prison in Porto Alegre, Brazil, but then fell right in front of a patrolling prison officer's verhicle.

Officers rushed outside where they found Cristielli and another man with a second pigeon inside a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off. Stuck to its wings was a 'backpack' with a battery, chips and R$427 (120).

Cristielli and Sydney Jeferson Lopes da Silva, 35, were arrested for attempting to smuggle items into prison and with animal cruelty.