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  • 29 March 2013, 11:20

Septuagenarian stunt weightlifter

Septuagenarian weightlifter

When pensioner Victor Courage said he wanted to mark his 70th birthday with a new lift, you'd be forgiven for thinking he meant stair lift.

After all, the retired lorry driver is at the age when most folk start to take it easy.

But instead this wacky pensioner is fast making a name for himself for performing a series of crazy weightlifting stunts, including lifting his own body weight with his big toe.

The super fit septuagenarian even celebrated his 70th birthday this year by dead lifting quarter of a tonne, the weight of a baby elephant, around his neck.

Married grandfather of two Courage said: "Some people think I'm crazy doing the stunts I do at my age but life is for living.

"People are shocked that a man my age enjoys weightlifting but it's my way of sticking up two fingers to being 70. Age is just a number," he explained.

But he admits wife Margaret, 70, doesn't share his confidence.

"She worries I could have a heart attack or put my back out, but that could happen at my age anyway," he added.

Victors has kept fit since his teens, but since retiring aged 61 he's stepped up his fitness routine to include at least 45 minutes a day weightlifting and half an hour of running or biking.

He also follows the same strict healthy diet set by his parents.

"There's no secret, it's just lots of fruit and vegetables. I call it common sense really".