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  • 23 December 2009, 9:02

Stabbed man orders coffee

A US man walked into a restaurant with a 5ins knife sticking in his chest and ordered a coffee.

The 52-year-old told staff in the diner in Warren, Michigan, that he was waiting for an ambulance.

Restaurant employee George Mirdita said: "It was like out of a movie. It kind of freaked us all out here.

"The customers realised it and they were all turning their heads in disgust."

Mr Mirdita said he couldn't believe how calm the man was, and that he never complained of being in any pain.

"To come in with something stuck in your chest and order a cup of coffee, and sit down... he was mingling with the guy next to him," he added.

Police said the man called 911 saying he had been stabbed - and then walked a mile to the restaurant.

He told officers he was stabbed after he refused to hand over money to a mugger.

The man was treated and police said he is expected to be fine. They are still looking for his attacker.