Quirky News

  • 26 March 2013, 12:16

Cinema pool screens Jaws


A swimming pool in Yorkshire has been transformed into an unusual swim-along-cinema.

A large screen was installed at one end of the pool at Bramley Baths and people were able to enjoy the film either from front-row balcony seats - or while in the water itself.

Meanwhile, speakers streamed the soundtrack both under and over the water.

First up on the bill, which followed a watery theme, was Finding Nemo.

However, only the brave remained in the water for the 2nd film, which was Jaws.

Previous quirky events at Bramley Baths have included a floating orchestra and an underwater art exhibition.

At the start of the year a group of locals took over running the 109-year-old Edwardian bathhouse following fears that it would have to be closed.

It is now run by a community group known as the Friends of Bramley Baths on a not-for-profit basis.