Doug's life or death dilemma

Doug Carter

It's going to be a cold, lonely Christmas for Hollyoaks' Doug Carter. With Texas and Leanne both away for the holidays, the troubled drug dealer struggles to cope as he spends the festive season totally alone.

By Boxing Day, he's reached breaking point - and not just because he's sick of watching re-runs of Only Fools and Horses. Deciding he's better off dead, Doug (played by PJ Brennan) drunkenly heads to a bridge to end it all. But, as he prepares to jump, he miraculously finds himself back in his flat with a vision of Steph Roach (Carly Stenson) in front of him.

Steph, who died in a fire last December, then tries to convince Doug of the positive impact he's made in Hollyoaks over the past year. In scenes inspired by film classic It's A Wonderful Life, she shows him a very different world - demonstrating that, without his influence, one teenage resident would be pregnant, while another would be a broken man after losing his nearest and dearest at the hands of serial killer Silas Blissett.

On a less uplifting note, Doug also sees that if he had never arrived in the village, his late girlfriend Bex (Daisy Turner) would still be alive. He's then faced with a monumental decision: go to heaven and be with Bex, or return to Hollyoaks and save his friends. Gulp, it could go either way...

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