Egypt's Ramy Ashour wins ridiculous squash rally and celebrates like Elvis

It's a travesty that you probably haven't heard of Egyptian squash genius Ramy Ashour.

His mercurial racket skills have elevated him to the top of the squash world, and at the recent Tournament of Champions, staged at New York's Grand Central Station, he displayed his full repertoire of showboating trickery.

One particular rally in the final against France's Gregory Gaultier had to be seen to be believed, and Ashour, typically, wins it with an audacious, instinctive backhand volley drop shot.

He then follows it up by playing a bit of air guitar. Gaultier doesn't seem all that impressed.

You might have missed this even better clip from earlier in the same tournament, in which Finnish player Olli Tuominen seals victory with an impressive forehand volley. Unfortunately he celebrates by throwing his racket in the air, only for it to land on his opponent Gregoire Marche's head.