Football Pulse Archive - November 2011

VID (30/11): All aboard the AC Milan fun bus, or rather train, as Brazilian trio Robinho, Pato and Thiago Silva enjoy a sing-a-long Samba style. And watch out for Clarence Seedorf using an enormous red telephone in the background.

VID (28/11): Tributes are flooding in for Gary Speed as the world of football pays its respects to a legend of the game. Here are just a couple of highlight packages from Speed's time as a player at Leeds and Newcastle. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and everyone he touched during his life.

VID (28/11): Note to goalkeepers - if Inigo Martinez has the ball near ther halfway line, make sure you stand on your line. The Real Sociedad centre-back scored from inside his own half last month, and incredibly did it again on the weekend.

MATCH CENTRE (28/11): Fans who sneak out of grounds early in a bid to beat the traffic, or so they can get home for Strictly Come Dancing, always run the risk of missing an injury-time goal. Or FOUR of them if you were at Alfreton on the weekend.

VID (24/11): Three cheers for American Samoa who have finally won a game for the first time in their history after a run of 30 straight defeats in almost two decades. They've come a long way since being battered 31-0 by Australia in 200

VID (23/11): Someone send Trinny and Susannah over to Samir Nasri's chateau to burn these hideous multi-coloured heart underpants.

VIDEO (22/11): Robinho threatened to cause a stampede of agents and academy scouts at the doors of the San Siro by unveiling the skills of his three-year-old son on Milan's TV channel. The boy's certainly got the skills to pay the bills. His daddy's probably got the bills covered for life, come to think of it.

VID (21/11): It's hard not to feel for Roma's Pablo Osvaldo who probably won't ever score a better goal in his career than this majestic overhead kick which is wrongly disallowed for offside. Booooo linesman.

VID (20/11): It's not like Jose Mourinho to cause a scene on the bench is it? Thankfully this time he is behaving himself as he hitches a lift from a member of his Real Madrid team.

PICS (18/11): It's fair to say Sepp Blatter needs some good PR at the moment, and what could be better than a selection of 'I'm not a racist' photo opportunities with some prominent black people? The Fifa president might not like some of the captions though.

STORY (17/11): People will do anything to watch their football team play. Even nicking the opposition's tracksuit, pretending to be a part of the coaching staff and then taking a place on the bench next to manager. Here's the glorious tale of Conor Cunningham.

VID (16/11): Ever since that Cruyff-Olsen penalty from almost 30 years ago, you get a couple of chancers trying to emulate the former Ajax pair. But if Monsieurs Pires and Henry couldn't crack it, what hope is there for this twosome in the Polish Youth Cup?

STORY (16/11): If you find a 2012 Bradford City calendar in your stocking this Christmas, make sure Dele Adebola isn't on the cover. That's the same Adebola who plays for Hull City...

VID (15/11): Half-time entertainment usually consists of cheerleaders, penalty shoot-outs and a 50/50 draw. Or in Colombia, an owl eating a rat on top of the crossbar. Are you watching, Attenborough?

VID (15/11): We're not sure what's worse - Hamit Altintop's blatant dive, or his reaction after failing to deceive the referee.

VID (14/11): There was a pitch invasion with a difference at a recent Czech fixture between Viktoria Plzen and Slavia Prague. One hell of an entrance by the lad, f'sure.

VID (11/11): This is just brilliant. A Yeovil Town fan's remix of the club's 2004 FA Cup song "Yeovil True" for a best man's speech went down a storm at the wedding reception - and now it's become an internet hit.

VID (10/11): This Portsmouth fan can't take the angst of his side's slender lead over Nottingham Forest. Either that, or he's just pratting about over Paul Walsh's shoulder. Jeff's certainly amused.

VID (08/11): This MUST be one of the worst goalie gaffes of all time. Namibian keeper Virgil Vries is left red-faced after comically stumbling over a harmless back-pass which runs through his legs and into the back of his net. And not a divot in sight to blame it on.

VID (08/11): Everyone remembers Paolo Di Canio's infamous shove on Paul Alcock. But that's tiddlywinks compared to this shocking footage of a hapless official being beaten by players, coaches and fans during a Division Three game in Iran.

GOOD READ (08/11): Anyone who has ever played Sunday football will nod their head in recognition at this. Great post from the blog 'Angle of Post and Bar'. "Let's 'ave a blue head on this!!"

VID (04/11): Manchester City may have boosted their Champions League chances the other night with a comfortable win over Villarreal, but Roberto Mancini was left with a splitting headache after banging his crown on the dugout. "It's sore, so sore. I did the same thing here with Inter and I think they need to change the dugouts," the Italian commented afterwards.

PICS (04/11): Expect more fireworks from Mario Balotelli on bonfire night after the Edenbridge Bonfire Society picked a 30-foot effigy of Super Mario as their annual celebrity guy.

VID (03/11): In Iran, homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment, corporal punishment or even death. It's perhaps unsurprising, then, that the Iranian FA didn't react too well to this goal celebration after Persepolis scored against Damash Gilan on Saturday. A prominent cleric called it a 'shameless act' that had 'upset, angered and outraged' all sports fans. Judge for yourself.

VID (02/11): On this evidence, The Pulse strongly suggests that Wayne Rooney does not follow Eric Cantona into acting when he hangs up his boots. Colin Firth's job is probably safe.

VID (02/11): You can add taking your shirt off while being subbed to the long list of ridiculous yellow-card offences. Unfortunately for Dnipro's Samuel Inkoom, it was his second booking.

STORY (02/11): Parkhead prankster Kris Commons reacts to recent rumours of a bust-up with boss Neil Lennon by turning up to training wearing a neck brace, head bandage and plaster across his nose.