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Parents tweet ghastly pic of baby dressed as Mario Balotelli

Being a parent is a big responsibility. You must love, nurture, educate and teach your children right from wrong. Unfortunately, some parents are shockingly unaware of what is right, and what is wrong.

'Blacking up' your baby, strapping a washing-up sponge on his head and dressing him up as Mario Balotelli is very, very wrong indeed.

It's even more wrong to then take a photo of 'Baby Mario' and post it on Twitter.

This is a Manchester City fan's attempt to out-do another photo of questionable taste which did the rounds recently, depicting a young Leeds fan dressed as El-Hadji Diouf posing with the man himself.

We'd say in this particular bad taste contest, 'Balotelli jnr' wins. Just don't ask what exactly that brown stuff is on his face.