VIDEO: Revolting! Saud Hamoud's spit causes uproar in UAFA Cup

You think West Brom defender Goran Popov's spit at Kyle Walker the other week was disgusting? At least he missed! This repulsive gob during an Arab Champions League game was bang on target.

At the end of the UAFA Cup quarter-final first leg at Al-Arabi in Kuwait, Saud Hamoud of visiting side Al Nassr flobbed a meaty looking, guttural glob of phlegm into the beard of Nawaf Al Shuwaye.

It sparked a melee after the final whistle, which is lapped up by the two stern, earnest looking experts back in the studio.

One wonders whether, "The worst thing you can do to a fellow professional," and, "I'd rather be punched than spat at," are commentators' cliches in Arabic as well as English.