All-hurdles card for Wincanton

Wincanton will stage an all-hurdles card on Saturday with the proviso of a precautionary inspection at 7.30am on raceday.

Clerk of the course Barry Johnson believes the decision taken on Thursday afternoon gives them the best chance of racing taking place.

Stormy weather is forecast on Friday, but as 80 per cent of the hurdles track is on fresh ground it can take more rain.

The hurdle on the stable bend will be omitted, however, as that is the part of the course where the ground is well-worn.

The three chases have been ditched and replaced by three additional hurdle races for a seven-race card featuring the Bathwick Tyres Kingwell Hurdle.

"With the rain that is forecast we think the hurdles course gives us a better chance of racing," said Johnson.

"The hurdles track is mainly fresh ground and can take a bit more rain.

"Earlier in the season we had problems with slipping on the bend area. We had to adjust things quite a bit and it has taken quite a hammering, so that hurdle will be omitted.

"That is the only ground that has been raced on, the rest is all fresh.

"This storm tomorrow could have anything between 20 and 35 millimetres of rain on it. We'll monitor that tomorrow and if we end up with 30mm or 40mm we'll take action if and when needed.

"If we don't get that much we'll just have the precautionary inspection on Saturday morning and see where we are."