Appeal success for Moloney

Paul Moloney was successful in his appeal against a suspension for weighing in 3lb heavier than he weighed out at Catterick on January 31.

The disciplinary panel of the British Horseracing Authority quashed the three-day ban handed to Moloney by the local stewards after he had ridden Fitandproperjob into fourth place in the Free Racedays With The Racegoers Club Novices' Handicap Chase.

The panel noted that the extremely wet weather conditions on the day had caused all the riders in the race to weigh-in by at least 1lb over the weight at which they had weighed out, with the exception of Moloney who weighed in 3lb heavy.

However, it was noted that Moloney, as opposed to the other riders in the race, had not worn waterproof breeches or a waterproof top.

The panel also took into account that in a later race at the North Yorkshire track the clerk of scales had recommended no action should be taken when the jockeys weighed in 2lb or more heavier than that which they weighed out due to the weather, which was accepted by the stewards.