ARU chief: Our sport is clean

Australian Rugby Union chief Bill Pulver has promised to be even more vigilant in the fight against performance-enhancing drugs.

Pulver is confident his code is clean but in the wake of the Australian Crime Commission probe into doping, in which six National Rugby League clubs were investigated, the ARU chief executive knows it is more important than ever that players are tested regularly.

Pulver, who received a personal briefing from the ACC and Australian Sports Anti-Doping Association (ASADA) last Wednesday, confirmed he has not been notified of any alleged cases of drug use by elite rugby players in Australia.

"At this point we've had no feedback in relation to rugby and I hope it stays that way," said Pulver.

"We have another meeting of the chief executives in Melbourne tomorrow where I think we'll learn more from the Australian Crime Commission and ASADA about the steps going forward.

"And those steps are obviously trying to entice players to come forward so that in the event that they admit the issue they'll maybe have a six-month ban where if they get caught independently they could be wiped out of the game for four years or even potentially go to jail.

"I must say I'm pleased with the state of that issue from a rugby perspective.

"I think we were proactive with our integrity unit back in 2010 but I just don't want to be complacent and we need to be even more rigorous going forward."