Astronomical Scoop6 rolls over

An expected 10million will be up for grabs in next weekend's Scoop6 after Ballyglasheen scuppered punters' hopes of landing the prize.

A total of 7.4m was in the prize pots ahead of Saturday's racing, with nearly 192,000 tickets in play on the six-leg bet.

Two hundred and seven tickets were still live after the first four races, with 12 of the 13 runners covered in the following Swinton Hurdle at Haydock.

Only Ballyglasheen had no supporters and the Evan Williams-trained runner duly got up to deny last year's winner Barizan in the shadow of the post.

His victory means the prize will roll over for the 10th week, with officials anticipating a further increase in interest as the total prize funds are expected to hit 10m.

Totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: "The totescoop6 never ceases to amaze.

"Ballyglasheen was the only horse not covered in the fifth leg and he spoiled the party in spectacular fashion.

"It all adds up to an astronomical 10m Scoop6 next weekend."