Athlete banned after headbutt

A disgraced Australian weightlifter has been fined and sent home after head-butting a Welsh weightlifter at the Commonwealth Games.

A Scottish court ordered bronze-medal winner Francios Etoundi to pay compensation to Gareth Evans, after he admitted head-butting him in the athletes' village in Glasgow.

Francois Etoundi, also a weightlifter, assaulted Gareth Evans early on Wednesday after a verbal exchange relating to the Welshman's girlfriend.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, Sheriff Andrew Cubie ordered Etoundi to pay 400 compensation to Evans for causing injury.

Cubie says Etoundi brought "the law of the playground" into the village, adding that his behavior "undermines the concept of the friendly games."

The Cameroon-born Etoundi, who won the bronze medal in the 77-kilogram (170-pound) division on Sunday, had already been stripped of his games accreditation after being arrested.

Evans was fifth in the 62-kilogram (137-pound) division.