Booth excited about new car

Marussia team principal John Booth believes fans will be "pleasantly surprised" when their car finally hits the track on Thursday.

Due to technical issues the Banbury-based team have been forced to miss the first two days of running in the first pre-season test at Jerez this week.

Instead of attempting to fix the issues at the Spanish circuit, the team instead opted to find cures at their factory base.

The car finally arrived at the track on Wednesday afternoon, and is now scheduled to break cover on Thursday morning, the third of the four days of the test.

Booth said: "It's been a very short, tough winter for us - we've only 190 people - and it's a very complicated car to build.

"So we've not had problems as such, instead we preferred to get as much of the job list ticked off before we left the factory than doing it in the field."

Given the problems the other nine teams have so far encountered, it will still be a surprise if perennial backmarkers Marussia - powered by Ferrari engines this year - hit the ground running.

Asked whether he was confident of a positive beginning on Thursday, Booth added: "After watching the lack of track activity I'm not so sure now as when I left the workshop at half past three yesterday morning, but I think we'll be okay.

"It's now about doing as many miles as we can, and learning as much as we can about the car before the next test in Bahrain.

"But we're happy with our development, our rate of progress. I think people will be very pleasantly surprised when they see the car.

"Year on year we've taken a step up in terms of what we have produced and we've taken a giant step this year."