Bremen end Ruiz interest

Werder Bremen have withdrawn from negotiations to sign Fulham forward Bryan Ruiz due to the club's financial restraints.

Reports suggested the Costa Rican international had agreed with the Bundesliga club, but hopes of a deal being struck with the Championship club were dashed by Bremen's lack of funds.

General manager Thomas Eichin revealed it would now be "impossible" to bring Ruiz to the Weserstadion after he was denied funds to sign any more players this month.

"Actually it's impossible to sign him [Bryan Ruiz]," Eichin told German publication Kreiszeitung Syke.

"The club is determined to keep up with the financial consolidation and get closer to achieving a black zero.

"That is why we are not talking about signing new players, we are just out for further departures."

Werder Bremen manager Robin Dutt added: "I did not expect to see a bag full of money being on Thomas' desk.

"It's no real news to me as we did not have money yesterday, we have no money now and we will likely have no money tomorrow."