Cabaye happy for rest

Newcastle midfielder Yohan Cabaye thinks his forthcoming suspension will be a good thing for him.

Cabaye will miss this weekend's clash with Southampton after picking up his fifth yellow card of the season, after scoring the winner in last week's clash at Manchester United.

But the French star, who suffered last season with fatigue at points during the season, thinks having a bit of a break could be good for him.

"Maybe the suspension will prove to be a good thing," Cabaye said.

"It will allow me to relax for a little bit because I have been very busy for the national team.

"I could feel myself starting to get a bit tired, so perhaps the next week will give me an opportunity to relax and get some treatment that I need.

"It is hard to play so many games, and maybe I need this break."

Newcastle are on a good run of form and Cabaye refuses to discount a top-four finish.

"There are similarities to two years ago, but it is too early to start getting carried away," he said.

"Five wins out of the last six matches is a very good record, and hopefully at the end, we will have the same finish as we did two years ago.

"We can't afford to think about the future too much at this stage.

"People might start talking about qualifying for Europe, or even the Champions League, but we can't afford to think like that. The Christmas period is coming, and that is always an important period.

"If we are in the same position as now in the middle of January, then why not starting to look further forward? But we have to get there first.

"There are going to be a lot of games in the next month, and we will have to focus on our recovery between matches.

"We need to keep all the players as fit as we can, because that will help us play to our best, and that is the only way we can stay close to the top of the league."