Cetic hold fire on Griffiths

Celtic boss Neil Lennon is confident that striker Leigh Griffiths will still be at the club next season.

Griffiths is being investigated by his club, the police and the Scottish FA for allegedly singing a song described by the football authorities as being of "an offensive, racist and/or discriminatory nature".

The 23-year-old was filmed standing on a chair in the background of some singing Hibernian fans, who were singing a chant describing Hearts' former Czech Republic midfielder Rudi Skacel as "a refugee".

Lennon is on record as saying that "any sign of any sort of racism against colour, religion, background will be an instant sackable offence" is also mindful of the fact that Griffiths walked free from court on Thursday after a charge of assault against him was dropped.

It is not the first time Griffiths has been cleared following accusations about his off-the-pitch behaviour, but Lennon concedes the Scotland international will have to start using some common sense.

Lennon has already discussed the situation with Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell, and they will await the outcome of investigations before making any further comments.

Asked if he was confident that the player would still be at Celtic next season, the Irishman said: "Yes."

The Hoops boss added: "There is a police investigation going on and we are doing our own internal investigation as well and they will run parallel with each other and we will take a line from the police on that as well.

"I have spoken to Peter and he has spoken to me about what is going and on and we will deal with it as it comes.

"It will be a joint decision, I would imagine. We will talk it through like we always do with every situation that crops up and we'll deal with it in the way we think is the best for Celtic and what we think is the best going forward.

"There is no question that he has a few issues that we all have in our private life, he has been open and frank about it with me and we will do what we can to help him along.

"He knows now there is a responsibility to the way he behaves, obviously.

"I think at times he does get antagonised by people and at times he has to learn to take a deep breath and walk away and at times that is not the easiest thing to do.

"He has a few adverse headlines over the few weeks but he is our player, my player and if there is a part of re-education or education or educating him the right way then we will do that."