Chapple-Hyam facing BHA charges

Peter Chapple-Hyam to face BHA hearing over charges of misleading investigating officer and refusing to supply full and true telephone records.

Should he be found in breach of the rules, the multiple Classic-winning trainer could be handed a substantial fine or possible suspension/disqualification - the maximum penalty being three years. A date for the hearing has yet to be announced.

The panel will consider if Chapple-Hyam deliberately misled or tried to mislead by an overt act an investigating officer when falsifying his telephone records in response to a Telephone Production Order issued to him last September, and stating in a subsequent letter that he was in France on July 12 and unable to text when he was not in France and/or was able to text during that period.

It will also consider whether Chapple-Hyam refused to supply his full and true telephone billings upon authorised request within a reasonable period of time by submitting incomplete and falsified records.

Misleading or endeavouring to mislead an Investigating Officer carries two possible penalties; a fine of 1,000 to 5,000 or a suspension of one month to three years.

The stated entry point is a 2,000 fine or a suspension or period when entries will be refused of three months.

The second charge carries a broader range of penalties with late productions of records having an entry point of a 2,000 fine or two-month suspension ranging up to a 5,000 penalty and one-year ban.

Non-production of records has an entry point of an 18-month disqualification, with a range of one to three years while tampering with records can incur between six and 18 months suspension, with a starting mark of nine months.

The BHA stated it will not reveal the reason for the request of Chapple-Hyam's phone records or comment further until the conclusion of in the inquiry.

Chapple-Hyam sent out Authorized to win the Derby in 2007 and is due to train the Classic hero's half-brother Hydrogen, a 2.5million guineas buy at Tattersalls sales last autumn and the most expensive yearling purchased at auction in 2012.