Cockerill will not face action

Richard Cockerill will not face any RFU action for his post-match comments following Leicester's win over Sale last weekend.

Leicester's director of rugby voiced his frustration over the way Sale had scrummaged during the contest, saying the visitors came to Welford Road to "cheat and cheat and cheat".

Cockerill said: "I know the referee (Matt Carley) has got to learn, but with the scrums at the end I just sat there shaking my head.

"The gentleman doesn't know what he is looking at. If (Sale head coach) Steve Diamond is coaching their front row to not take the engagement just to get a free kick and con the ref, it is wrong and hard for the referee."

Diamond labelled the comments "ridiculous" but an RFU spokesman has confirmed that Cockerill will not face any disciplinary action.

Leicester had earlier attempted to clarify Cockerill's comments, saying there were specific to one incident.

The club said in a statement: "Richard spoke in response to specific questions regarding events in the set of scrummages close to the Sale Sharks tryline which eventually led to the award of a penalty try to Leicester Tigers.

"He believed there was a deliberate attempt by the Sale front row to not engage and/or withdraw from an engagement at the scrum in this phase of play, and in his view this was, potentially, an act of dangerous play and, therefore, potentially, a penalty offence and a yellow card.

"His comments about the referee (Matt Carley) were specific to that incident. Richard's view was that the match official, having previously refereed only seven Aviva Premiership fixtures, would not necessarily have come across this offence before.

"In retrospect, and away from the heat of the moment immediately following a tense and important league fixture, Richard says he could have more accurately characterised his description of the incident as 'gamesmanship' and also that there was no intention to question the integrity of either the match referee or opposite number Steve Diamond of Sale Sharks."