Cook: Let's clean up cricket

England captain Alastair Cook has urged the authorities to intensify the campaign against match-fixing.

The Essex opener is saddened by this week's revelations - brought about by former New Zealand international Lou Vincent claiming he was offered incentives to fix matches on numerous occasions.

Cook, 29, said: "If it's happened at all, it's happened in the past and obviously it's a bit more rife than we think. It's a bit worrying for cricket.

"I can say that every time I go on that pitch, I'm playing for 100 per cent the right reasons and you hope the other 21 are doing that. I've been involved in games that haven't been - that Pakistan game and that Essex v Durham game too.

Sour taste

"It leaves a very sour taste in the mouth and it doesn't do cricket any favours. It's got to be stamped out. That's an incredibly hard task but the paying public need to know that the 22 players and the umpires are wholeheartedly trying to win a cricket match.

"If more of it gets unravelled, it's going to damage cricket but it has to be clean. We have to get it clean. I don't know the global stuff so it wouldn't be right to comment.

"I know what I've gone through - the education is there, but that doesn't mean that people aren't going to make the wrong decisions. We can always raise awareness and do more education because we know how important the integrity of English cricket is.

"Personally, I haven't been approached nor had anything to do with it."