Double points plan in place

A number of minor changes to the F1 rulebook have been approved by the FIA - but their double points plan remains.

The changes, which are still subject to ratification by the F1 Commission and teams, include the imposition of a five-second penalty by stewards prior to a pit stop. Drivers who infringe must therefore wait before a tyre change or other work is carried out.

Team personnel working on a car will now do so wearing helmets during both qualifying and the race, while drivers who deliberately stop on track on the 'slow down lap' after the chequered flag in order to provide a fuel sample will find that this excuse is no longer valid.

With this season's technical shake-up in mind, teams will also be able to break the night-time curfew six times (rather than twice) to give them more chance to work on their new cars and engines.

Furthermore, the minimum weight of a car (without fuel) has been increased from 690kg to 691kg in order to allow for the fact that Pirelli's new tyres are slightly heavier.

However, the FIA has not as yet backtracked on its controversial plan to introduce double points for the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi.

The move, which the governing body hopes will increase the chance of a title showdown in November, has proved highly unpopular since it was first announced in December last year.

Looking ahead to 2015, tyre heaters will be banned, while the WMSC has also agreed to look further at planned cost control regulations in June. The intention is for them to take effect in January next year.