Doubles joy for Jaimie Murray

Jamie Murray joined his brother Andy in experiencing the thrill of Wimbledon success but not before managing to injure his doubles partner.

Murray and Ukrainian Sergiy Stakhovsky beat British pair David Rice and Sean Thornley 6-3 7-5 in the first round of the men's doubles.

But their Court Seven match was most notable for the moment in the second set when Murray drove a serve into the side of Stakhovsky's head, hurting his ear.

"I clocked him in the ear with a serve, which was a bit random," Murray said.

"I had been serving really well the whole match, and then just threw the ball up, took a bit of a gust of wind, and then just tried to fight it and hit him flush in the ear, which wasn't ideal.

"I think he was a bit dazed for a little bit, but he seemed okay, I guess, towards the end of the match.

"It was a bit swollen. The doctor came on and said he probably bruised the cartilage and all that stuff, a bit of a cauliflower ear."

Murray added: "He was a bit annoyed, as I'm sure I would be.

"But it's funny, because it almost put me off a bit, because then when I was serving to that side again, I was consciously trying not to go anywhere near him, trying to get it as far away from him as I could but still trying to keep it in the box.

"It was weird, because it came out of nowhere. I was serving great and was hitting all my spots.

"I think I probably had a pretty high percentage of serves."

Murray suggested he fired the serve at around 110-115mph.

"It wasn't the fastest serve I had ever hit, but it was a pretty solid, flat serve," he said.

Meanwhile Murray is hoping to team up with his brother in doubles in Britain's Davis Cup match against Luxembourg, which will be staged in Glasgow on the weekend after Wimbledon.

The pair have played together in doubles occasionally on the ATP tour, and providing Andy is not too exhausted by his efforts in the Wimbledon men's singles, Jamie would love to see them play in tandem.

"I guess maybe it depends on what the score would be and I guess maybe how well he's done here," Jamie Murray said.

"But if we do get the chance to play it would be pretty cool, because we've been on the team quite a few times before together, but not actually played together.

"It would be nice if we did, especially being in Scotland."