Dyke expects radical findings

Greg Dyke is not expecting the findings from the FA Commission to be revealed until after this summer's World Cup.

The Commission was set up six months ago and was tasked with investigating how the fortunes of the England national team could be improved.

The FA chairman expects the Commission to make some drastic recommendations and dismissed suggestions that England manager Roy Hodgson is in favour of holding back the results until after the World Cup.

"We've got some more work to be done but it is certainly not on the backburner," Dyke told Sky Sports News.

"I also read the suggestion that somehow we're likely to take a more conservative approach - I think that is very unlikely.

"I think the recommendations we are likely to come up with will be more radical than we thought when we started a few months ago.

"Roy is on the Commission. Obviously you wouldn't want to bring out a report in the middle of the World Cup or the week before it starts so it's about the timing but there's no truth in the idea that Roy has laid down the law or anything like that.

"If you asked me to bet I'd say it probably does not come before the World Cup only because we might not have finished the work."

Dyke revealed a winter break has been examined but suggested the FA faces more pressing issues, particularly with regards to young footballers who fail to make the grade at senior level.

"A number of people have talked to us about winter breaks and that's something in the evidence we've taken," he said.

"We haven't discussed it in depth - we've got a categorisation of what other things might help the England team.

"If you had winter breaks that would fall into that category but our biggest problem is we have no pathway for kids between 18 and 21 who come through the system but can't get into first-team football."