Experts go for Denver

The NFL is back on Sky Sports as the Seattle Seahawks begin the defence of their Super Bowl title against another of this season's favourites the Green Bay Packers.

But the unanimous view from the Sky Sports studio is that it will be the Denver Broncos who will prevail and claim the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season.

Sky Sports NFL expert Kevin Cadle said: "The New Orlean Saints have done a great job in the off season of adding personnel to their defence. They have got rid of a lot of veterans, so a lot of young guys are coming in who are a lot more athletic and more skilled than the guys they got rid of.

"It's New Orleans Saints I see making it as the NFC representatives but for the AFC I am going back again with my favourite team and my main man and that is Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos.

"I think this year Denver will get it done, they have also done a tremendous job in the off season in adding veterans to their defensive side, they are much more tougher and much more physical. Manning has a new running back that he will be using - (Montee) Ball instead of Knowshon Moreno and there will be a couple of growing pains with that but he has outside receivers who are so dangerous. So It's New Orleans v the Denver Broncos, and the Broncos will win Super Bowl XLIV."

Sky summariser Neil Reynolds said: "My picks for Super Bowl XLIV are The Denver Broncos for the AFC and Green Bay packers from the NFC.

"I think the AFC will be between the Broncos, New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts but the Broncos have added weaponary on the defensive side and of course they still have Peyton Manning which always helps. The Packers will emerge from a dogfight in the NFC, there are so many good teams in that Conference but I am taking Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to win it.

Sky expert Shaun Gayle makes it three out of three in favour of the Broncos, saying: "My pick this year will be the Denver Broncos, it will be a very difficult run in the AFC but they will come out ahead, it's perfect timing for them, Peyton Manning is due and is going to have a fantastic year.

"On the NFC I see a great game between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay with Green Bay emerging the winner. But when it comes down to the final game it will be the Denver Broncos."

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