Ffos Las call Monday check

The meeting at Ffos Las on Tuesday is subject to a 7.30am inspection on Monday due to the threat of waterlogging.

Currently the going is heavy, waterlogged in places following 80mm of rain in January already.

Some quite substantial showers are forecast throughout Sunday, after which conditions are set to improve slightly.

Clerk of the course Tim Long said: "As has been well catalogued, we've had a very wet time of it in recent weeks, but we did have a good drying day on Saturday and there has been some improvement in the track.

"We now just have a couple of wetter areas and it is dry at the moment, but the forecast suggests we are going to get some showers in the latter part of day and into this evening, some of which could be heavy.

"The top end of the estimate suggests we could get 15mm of rain, which would give us a cause of concern.

"The thinking behind looking at 7.30am on Monday is that we should have had the worst of the rain by then. There are one or two showers forecast for Monday afternoon, but nothing significant.

"We should have a pretty good idea of where we stand on Monday morning."