Fitzpatrick: Groves on top

George Groves' trainer feels his fighter still has a mental edge over Carl Froch as they ready themselves for a rematch.

The bitter rivals continued their war of words at the opening press conference ahead of their second fight at Wembley, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

A feud which has simmered since the explosive first clash threatened to boil over when Froch shoved Groves as they went face-to-face on the pitch.

Groves had earlier engaged Froch in more mind games, playing with a Rubik's cube as the Nottingham man spoke and his trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick believes he has unsettled the WBA and IBF champion.

"I think anyone that spends time around both of them when they are together would say that George is more comfortable around his presence then he is in George's," said Fitzpatrick.

Groves floored Froch in the first round and hurt him on a number of occasions before the Nottingham man turned the tide, forcing referee Howard Foster's controversial intervention with a ninth-round onslaught.

Fitzpatrick is confident the challenger can perform even better in the return bout and expects him to replace Froch as the new British star in the super-middleweight division.


He said: "We've got to get everything more correct and polish everything that you did the first time that worked. We'll make it even better, add another tool in there that we can bring out of the box.

"I'd agree with you, he's a dangerous human being. He can take a massive amount of punishment.

"I believe you're going to see a changing of the guard yeah. It's going to be a hell of a fight while it lasts."

Robert McCracken, Froch's long-trainer, admits the 'Cobra' must pay his foe more respect after being pushed to the brink in November.

McCracken hopes Froch will launch another punishing assault on Groves and hints that a third fight could be on the cards if they serve up another thriller in the capital.

"There has to be because Carl knows now that he's a good challenger and he knows that he's a dangerous challenger, so Carl has to prepare properly and 100 per cent for that challenge," he said.

"We want a bit more of the Carl Froch towards the latter end of the fight and a bit less of the Carl Froch in the earlier fight.

"We get to see them duke it out at Wembley on a massive stage and I'm sure it will be a great fight and the best man will win and hopefully we'll do a third fight."