Football Pulse archive - January 2012


VID (25/01): We don't think Aleksandr Geynrikh will be allowed to take another penalty ever again. The Uzbekistani U-23 international firstly fumbles the infamous Henry/Pires routine, and then blasts the retake over the bar after the charitable referee lets him have another go.

STORY (25/01): "Sry 2 txt u so l8 but u aint made the team :-( c u in a bit." Probably not the way Graham Westley worded it, but the new Preston boss did reportedly axe four players via a 2am text message the night before his first game in charge last week.

VID (24/01): Technically, this goal shouldn't stand as the ball was moving. But let's take nothing away from FC Metalist left-back Cristian Villagra who scores a stonking free-kick from 70 yards in a friendly against Dinamo Moscow.

VID (23/01): We love Norwegian TV. Remember last month when they introduced us to Electroshock football? Well those crazy Scandinavians are at it again. 'Bubble football' is their latest brainwave, which sees participants trying to play while wearing huge inflatable bubbles.

VID (20/01): Former Celtic star Shunsuke Nakamura bends a free-kick through the window of a moving bus in Japan. You don't get that on the number 36 over here.

VID (19/01): When a keeper collided with a defender allowing Tolgay Ozbey to nip in and score for East Bengal against Pailan Arrows, the striker rubbed their noses right in the brown stuff for good measure.

VID (18/01):
As if a 4-0 defeat to their fiercest rivals in a cup tie wasn't bad enough, this horror miss by USA international Robbie Findley capped off a truly miserable night for Forest fans on Tuesday.

VID (16/01): Have you ever gazed into the mirror and wished you looked like Leon Best? Trust us - this is one of the most surreal videos we have ever seen. Now where's that eyeliner?

VID (16/01): Not only are Swansea lighting up the Premier League with some cracking displays but they also have a cracking set of supporters too. (Courtesy of Who Ate All the Pies)

VID (13/01): Just when we thought Barcelona couldn't get any better, they go and spot this rising young star!

VID (13/01): As the kids might say - 'Soccer throw-in fail lolz'.

VID (13/01): Orange's resident football trivia guru The Gaffer fooled many of you on Thursday with this Guess Who? picture. Well, who should pop up again, but that very same player, showing off his ten-pin bowling skills. He's pretty damned good actually.

VID (12/01): We were reluctant to put this video up as it says more about the morons who filmed it than it does about Samir Nasri. However, our relentless quest to give you the clips everyone's talking about has won the day. Here you go then. (Warning: there's a bit of swearing).

VID (11/01): He's behind you! Real Sociedad goalie Enaut Zubikara fails to spot Mallorca's sniper-striker Gonzalo Castro (who has clearly been watching old Dion Dublin tapes) in his wing mirror.

VID (10/01) Check out Napoli goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis' bizzare reaction to watching his side go 4-1 up.  Looks like this goal cost him a few pennies.

VID (10/01): Want to see Martin Keown being hit on the head by a cheeky Leeds player during the warm-up before Monday night's FA Cup tie at Arsenal? Yes, I thought you would.

VID (10/01): Intriguing footage has emerged of Lionel Messi playing in a junior football tournament. The magic that won him his third successive Ballon d'Or winner last night is clearly evident, particularly after 1min 33s.

VID (09/01):  This Portugese football fan picked the wrong plastic seat to take his frustrations out on. This is one hilarious fail you will never get sick of watching!

VID (09/01): You will have seen Arnaud Mendy's goal for Macclesfield against Bolton in the FA Cup third round on Saturday, surely? What? No! Sort yourself out.

VID (09/01): And check out another outrageous goal, with a twist.

VID (05/01): The most bizarre thing about this compilation of the best fouls in the Argentinian league of 2011 isn't the snapped legs and blatant boots in the face, but the fact that they're mostly only yellow cards.

VID (04/01):
Vinnie Jones shows how you can save someone's life with hard and fast hands-only CPR, all done to the tune of Stayin' Alive. Have a gander at the British Heart Foundation advert - you never know when it may come in handy.

PIC (03/01):
You want another John Terry story? Oh go on then. The Chelsea skipper's said to be fuming after his image appeared on cigarette packets in India as part of a 'smoking kills' warning. Solicitors are acting on his behalf, while the cigaratte company in question claim they have no idea how the image got on there.

PIC (02/01):
Chelsea's John Terry isn't the most popular players at the moment but that doesn't stop this pitch invader from planting a smacker on the England captain. Aww...

VID (02/01): What is it with South American footballers and singing? First Carlos Tevez is at it and now Santos sensation Neymar has picked up the mic. Skip to 1:15 for his big moment.

STORY (02/01): Talk about being kicked when you're down. Cash-strapped Spanish side Real Mallorca are now without the bulging biceps of Rafael Nadal as the tennis star has sold his stake in the club. Say goodbye to the global image hopes. (Courtesy of The Football Ramble)



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