The Football Pulse - July 2012

VIDEO (25/07): From Puyol to Pemberton, Gerrard to Grimandi, get your lips around a selection of the finest and most random footballers in the world.

VIDEO (25/07): There's nothing more annoying than having a photo ruined by some random person jumping in the middle of the snap. Well that's exactly what happened to unsuspecting members of the public in this photo booth next to the Olympic Park. Just leave them alone, David.

VIDEO (23/07): The BBC rolled out the 'B' team for their coverage of Team GB's Olympic warm-up defeat to Brazil a few days ago and the pressure clearly got to poor old Mark Bright, who had a bit of trouble pronouncing 'Copa Libertadores'. We're looking forward to him commentating on South Korea's group game with Mexico.

VIDEO (23/07): Carlos Tevez made his debut as a caddy yesterday for compatriot Andres Romero during the final round of The Open. Romero, who finished last among the 83 players to make the cut, has denied reports that Tevez refused to carry the bag for the back nine.

VIDEO (18/07): It's the end of a long, tiring season competing in La Liga, the Champions League and winning Euro 2012. So, if you're Cesc Fabregas, what do you do on holiday? Play football of course! (and almost hit your head on the side of the pool three times in the process)

VIDEO (18/07): This is quite bizarre so we're just going to come right out with it - a Spanish porn star has made a song to encourage Juan Laporta to retake the presidency of Barcelona. You can't resist watching it, can you?

VIDEO (17/07): It turns out former Uruguay midfielder Enzo Francescoli still has it as a player ever at the age of 50 judging by this bicycle kick. Admittedly, he's not quite as nimble in getting to his feet again but it's still a very impressive effort.

VIDEO (16/07):
For Stuart Pearce, desperately fending off criticism for leaving David Beckham out of the Olympics, this must have made painful viewing on Sunday (forward to 2mins 20secs).

PICS (16/07): We bet you can't guess what Reading's mega-rich new owner Anton Zingarevich's wife does for a living? Dinner lady? Nope. Traffic warden? Try again. Ah! Of course, she's a Victoria's Secret lingerie model.

VIDEO (13/07): Here's a mocked-up interview of Arsene Wenger 'appearing' on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

VIDEO (13/07): Spain are European champions yet again after winning Euro 2012, but it also appears they're pretty good at beach football too. Check out this gem of an overhead kick.

VIDEO (12/07): Crystal Palace have adopted a novel way of flogging season tickets - splash a load of women in bikinis around Selhurst Park and get them to sing Carly Rae Jepson's current hit Call Me Maybe. The link to season tickets seems a bit tenuous, but, frankly, who cares?

PIC (11/07): When the Premier League were choosing a picture of Vinny Samways for his player profile on their official website, they really should have scrutinised this one more closely. Those of a delicate constitution, click at your peril!

PIC (09/07): Former Spain goalkeeper Santiago Canizares was trending worldwide over the weekend after deciding it would be a good idea to upload a picture on Twitter of his naked wife in the shower. It was removed 10 minutes later but when you have over 170,000 followers, you can't just pretend like it never happened.

PIC (09/07): Tough pre-season work-out for Mario Balotelli, who shrugs off his Euro 2012 disappointment by puffing on a pipe and swigging champagne while getting a massage from a smoking blonde in St-Tropez.

PIC (09/07): Liverpool have unveiled a new mascot - a life-size Liver Bird called 'Mighty Red', which looks like the love child of Gunnersaurus Rex and Barney the dinosaur.

VIDEO (06/07): Yann Kermorgant currently plies his trade at Charlton but, for a time, he was a fans' favourite at Leicester City. Here's one fan's tribute to the player to the tune of Bonnie Tyler's Bright Eyes.

VIDEO (03/07): Spain's triumphant Euro 2012 squad were in safe hands on the flight back home from Kiev - thanks to goalkeeper-turned-air hostess Pepe Reina.

VIDEO (02/07): David Beckham responds to his omission from the Team GB squad with guess what? Yep, a trademark free-kick. Take that Stuart Pearce!