Forecast concern for Taunton

Taunton officials have called a precautionary inspection at 7am ahead of Tuesday's meeting due to the possibility of heavy rain.

The going is described as heavy, and while the Somerset course was raceable on Monday afternoon varying amounts of rain are forecast overnight.

"We are heavy at the moment and we've had a further two millimetres of rain today which isn't massive in itself and that's fine. The forecast has changed a little now. The BBC is indicating there is some heavy rain about," said clerk of the course Jason Loosemore.

"We use a couple of agencies. One is saying nothing of massive substance is going to hit us, but the BBC shows heavy showers.

"At the back of my mind I'm just worried if we did catch one and get a deluge it might cause us a problem. We want to race. We are heavy and it will be testing."