Friday concern for Wetherby

Officials at Wetherby are hoping they can get over the weather obstacle that is Friday to enable them to race on Saturday.

While meetings have been abandoned left, right and centre throughout the country this week, the West Yorkshire track has remained raceable.

The potential stumbling block is the rain that is forecast for Friday. Clerk of the course Jonjo Sanderson believes the course could take 10 millimetres. Any more than that, or if it came down heavily, then it might pose a problem.

"Generally we are still soft, heavy in places. We had standing water off the racing line on Monday. That's all gone today," he said.

"We had five millimetres of rain between 9am on Tuesday and 9am Wednesday and it's been generally overcast since then with a couple of showers but nothing measurable.

"That forecast is repeated throughout today and tomorrow. Friday, like everywhere, is due to be a horrible wet day where we might get half an inch of rain, maybe more, maybe less.

"I can see at least 10mm looking at the forecast. Then Saturday is supposed to be a dry and sunny day. That would be nice but obviously we've got to get over Friday first.

"I think the ground would take 10mm. If we get any more than that it would depend how quick it comes. If it comes steady away all day we'd be fine but it's when it comes in quick deluges that it can cause issues.

"We could have raced every day this week and the forecast suggests that wouldn't change today or tomorrow. It's just Friday. We'll have to see what happens then."