Funding boost for cycling

Grassroots cycling will get a 30 per cent funding increase after Sport England announced its four-year investment plan.

Figures announced on Monday show that British Cycling will receive 32million in funding, compared to the 24.7m they received in the last four years.

Sport England confirmed that they will invest almost half a billion pounds in grassroots sport ahead of the next Olympic Games in Rio in a bid to get more people playing sport on the back of the success of London 2012.

A total of 493m pounds will be split over 46 sports that have bid for the National Lottery and government funding with 60 per cent to be spent on young people aged between 14 and 25.

Thirty-one sports will receive their largest ever grassroots investment, including netball (increasing to 25.3m from 18m), wheelchair basketball (up to 2million from 0.7m) and triathlon (up to 7.5m from 4.7m).

However, some sports have been seen their funding cut with one-year awards until they can show improvements in participation levels.

Tennis has seen its award cut from 24.5m to 17.4m; swimming is down from 20.9m to 20m and basketball is down from 7.3m to 6.8m. Sports such as cricket, rugby union and rugby league have also received funding cuts.

Sport England's Chief Executive, Jennie Price, said: "This investment represents years five to eight of our long-term plan to get more people playing sport.

"We've learned a lot over the last four years and with a record 15.5million people already playing sport once a week, we are on track to deliver.

"We have worked very hard, with the governing bodies of sport, to make these decisions, and I believe they are right."