Grosjean looking for consistency

Romain Grosjean believes consistency and patience will be his keys to success this season as he aims to put a tough 2012 behind him.

Grosjean incurred the wrath of a number of his rivals last year as he was the instigator of several crashes in races, some spectacular such as at the start of the Belgian Grand Prix.

The Frenchman was fortunate to be given another chance by Enstone-based Lotus for the coming season as the team are convinced he has the speed and the talent.

Grosjean appreciates he will be in the firing line once the campaign gets under way in Melbourne on March 17, which is why he is focused on setting the record straight.

"I have worked on a lot of things since last season. It's difficult to pick out one," said Grosjean, who was quickest on the second day of testing in Jerez last week.

"It's no secret, but consistency is what I've been asked for. The speed is there, as it has always been, but the consistency has not always been good.

"So it's about finding the right balance, about making the right move when I have to make a move, sometimes being a bit more patient when I am in the car, and finishing more races.

"That's what I'm working on, and I hope it's going to pay off."

The spate of incidents last season resulted in Grosjean finishing ninth in the drivers' standings, 114 points behind team-mate Kimi Raikkonen, who was third overall.

If Grosjean can discover the consistency he seeks, then he knows he can push the team forward given he already feels this year's car is an improvement.

"Compared to last year the car is not that much different in terms of design and philosophy, but it's a little better in all areas," added Grosjean.

"It has a good baseline, although we have a few things we want to work on in Barcelona (in next week's second test).

"It will be good to get Kimi's feelings to see if they are as the same mine and whether he wants to go in the same direction in terms of set up.

"But the feelings I have are even better than at the start of last year, which is a good point to start with.

"Let's hope it continues to be the case and it's quick, although the real answer will be in Melbourne."