Groves: Left hook to floor Froch

George Groves has predicted he will knock Carl Froch out with a left hook at Wembley Stadium on Saturday night.

The pair go head to head in front of 80,000 fans at the national stadium in a much-anticipated rematch after Froch controversially beat Groves last November.

Froch will once again be defending his WBA and IBF world super-middleweight titles but Londoner Groves is confident of victory.

"It'll be the left hook that finishes knock Carl Froch on Saturday night," Groves said at the final pre-fight press conference.

"Anyone who has watched the media workouts will know we've been working on left hooks and the left hook will work.

"I'm going to go out and perform on Saturday night and become world champion and do it on the big stage looking very good doing it.

"In boxing you can be the most talented fighter out there but you need people to watch and I'm fortunate that I'm in that situation.

"I will arrive on Saturday night; no stone has been left unturned, I'm fully prepared and I just can't wait."

Froch, however, has predicted another stoppage defeat of Groves when the pair meet for a second time on Saturday night.

He said: "Gary Ward is here today and he brought Andre Dirrell over and it was a close fight but I dispatched him. I'm convinced George Groves won't hear the final bell because I know what I need to do and I know how to do it.

"I still can't believe that I'm going to be walking out in front of 80,000 fans in our national stadium. One of the best in the world. I've prepared for this fight like no other before. I'm in unbelievable shape and I'm looking forward to defending my world titles successfully.

"I'm extremely confident and I put that down to my long career, world title fights back to back and the fact I've got Mr Rob McCracken MBE in my corner. He's got bags of experience.

"We've done what we need to so just enjoy it, because I'm certainly going to. You're going to see a brutal Carl Froch."

Saturday's bout will Froch's 12th consecutive world title fight - but despite travelling to America to face divisional kingpin Andre Ward in 2011, 'The Cobra' sees this as the most important night of his illustrious career.

He said: "Every fight is equally important but because of the stage of my career, these two world titles and the fact that it's an immediate return with George Groves, it's got that air of extra important about it. It's big.

"It's by far the biggest fight of my unbelievable career and that's given me the motivation and apprehension that I need to perform at my best.

"Preparation is key. Fights are won or lost in camp. I didn't lose the first one in the camp because I did the business and won the fight but I didn't give myself every possible chance because I wasn't mentally switched on or physically drive it home in the gyms.

"It's such a massive platform for boxing. Big thanks to the British public. This is a massive opportunity to really drive home what I'm about. A lot of hardcore boxing fans know and when I turn up in the shape I'm in now, you've seen it time and time again that I can mix it with the elite boxers of the world."

On the relatively smooth photo shoot that took place on the pitch, where Froch famously pushed Groves earlier in the promotional campaign, he said: "There was no aggravation and no need for it.

"Did you see how much security he brought with him? They were about 20-strong. I'm not sure we'll get all of them in on fight night.

"I expected George to really go for it in the press conference because he likes to feel he's got under your skin and leading the mind games but I have kept everything logical and ruined it. He looked a bit jaded today."

Froch's trainer Rob McCracken was equally bullish on his charge's chances, adding: "It's going to be a great fight as you all know. Every fight Carl Froch is involved in is a great fight. He's been involved in title fights across the world. He's taken on everybody and his career has been remarkable.

"After the last fight, we had a chat to see where we're at, where his motivation was. Was Groves very good or were you very poor? He said let's find out on May 31, so we've gone into camp and worked very hard.

"He looks great and he looks exactly where I hoped he'd be, which is an elite level fighter. He's motivated. His sparring and training have been great and he'll definitely deliver as he always does."