Hamilton: I wouldn't lie

The father of Formula One star Lewis Hamilton told a High Court judge about the limits of his "moral compass".

Driver manager Anthony Hamilton told Mrs Justice Asplin that he would not do "anything illegal" and would not lie for a client. But he said he would "swerve the truth".

He was giving evidence at a High Court trial in London after suing racing driver Paul Di Resta - who he used to manage - for wrongful termination of a contract.

Mr Di Resta, 27 - who drives for the Force India team - disputes his claim.

Mr Hamilton was asked by a lawyer representing Mr Di Resta if he would "lie" for a client.

"With their authority and for their benefit," said Mr Hamilton.

"Just to be clear. There is lying and there is swerving the truth. I wouldn't lie for any client but I would swerve the truth for a client."

He was asked if he would "mislead" and said he would for the benefit of a client.

"I aim to use whatever I am entitled to do legally to get a better deal for my client. I am not prepared to do anything fraudulent," said Mr Hamilton.

"My moral compass says I would not do anything illegal for anybody else to put my own reputation in jeopardy."