Hearn: Rees will be back

Eddie Hearn believes Gavin Rees's performance against Adrien Broner will open doors on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Welshman did himself proud in Atlantic City on Saturday night despite suffering a fifth-round stoppage loss to the impressive Adrien Broner.

But far from falling back into obscurity on the world scene, promoter Hearn expects the 'Rock' to be back in the States before too long.

"Gavin's performance won him many admirers in America," said Hearn. "He is a true warrior and we have already been approached about further fights for Gavin in the US in early summer.

"His stock however has also been raised significantly in the UK and there are still some big domestic opportunities available to him here.

"All in all the future is very bright for Gavin and the plan is to pick up another world title shot before the end of 2013."