Hill supports double points

Former world champion Damon Hill has voiced his support for the introduction of double points for the season-ending Abu Dhabi GP in 2014.

The shake-up, announced in December, has already proved highly controversial and Hill's support bucks the general trend with 87% of Sky Sports users who voted in an online poll reacting negatively to the FIA's radical and unexpected revision of F1's points-scoring system.

The idea has also been, in the main, denounced by the F1 fraternity itself, with World Champion Sebastian Vettel branding it "absurd" and Hill's Sky Sports F1 colleague Martin Brundle describing the double-points concept as "an answer to a question nobody was asking".

On Friday new World Championship favourites Mercedes also launched their own thinly-veiled condemnation of the system with the team's drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, deliberately playing dumb when asked for their reaction to double points being awarded.

Nevertheless, 1996 World Champion Hill is nonplussed by the fuss generated and convinced F1 is merely falling into line with the rhythm of other sporting competitions with Abu Dhabi assuming the status of the F1 season's 'final'.

"If you go to Wimbledon and you are in a knock-out competition it then gets more crucial and more important the closer you get to the final - and the final is worth a lot more points than the first round," Hill reasoned with Sky Sports News.

"Personally, I don't see what the story is about. Winning the World Championship is the goal and if it gets more and more intense towards the end, and there is more at stake at the end of the championship, then that should be more exciting."