Hunt quits as BOA chief

Andy Hunt has resigned as the chief executive of the British Olympic Association after four years in the role.

A board meeting of the BOA on Wednesday was informed of Hunt's resignation.

The BOA is under financial pressure and has yet to agree any deals with sponsors since the end of the Games last summer, which led to commercial director Hugh Chambers resigning last month.

Under Hunt, the BOA went through a large expansion before London 2012 and has since announced a slimming down of the organisation.

Hunt said in a statement: "It has been an amazing four years leading the BOA as the host National Olympic Committee for the London 2012 Games.

"I will always be proud to have led Team GB at a home Games and of the fantastic performance of the team this summer and the way in which the BOA supported the athletes.

"Now that the Games are over, and the organisation's strategy for the next four years is taking shape, the BOA's responsibilities and the job of the CEO are different, and I feel it is the right time for me to move on to another leadership role with breadth and profile similar to the responsibilities I've fulfilled since 2008."