Joyce: Sussex hurt by scandal

Sussex captain Ed Joyce has revealed anger within the county's dressing room at being tainted in cricket's latest match-fixing scandal.

Former players Lou Vincent and Naveed Arif have been hit with 14 charges by the England and Wales Cricket Board, relating to matches in August 2011.

Although the charges stress being against individuals, Joyce understands the finger of suspicion will continue to hover over other players associated with Sussex at the time.

"My reaction to these stories was anger. There was a lot of anger in the dressing room," Joyce said.

"The question 'does Sussex have a problem?' is what comes when you get a couple of alleged bad apples in your team. People start questioning the things you do.

"There was a huge amount of anger when we met on Sunday because everything we do as a team is about winning games.

"To think there could be people in your midst who aren't doing everything they can to win is the worst thing you can do to a professional sports team.


"I'm as confident as I can be that it wouldn't happen again because we have lots of good people.

"You can't ever be 100 per cent confident because there are bad apples in every walk of life. But we have a great bunch of people with great leadership, so we're confident we're in a good place right now."

Coach Mark Robinson was also shocked at the extent of the charges and admitted his anguish at the way Sussex were being looked at.

"The reason everybody is shocked is because you turn up and take as read that what you've seen is right," Robinson said. "To find that maybe that wasn't the case is devastating. We have a dressing room that is hurting. We have a club that's hurting.

"The ECB's anti-corruption team worked brilliantly to get to this point. You don't want anything underhand happening.

"This will make us stronger and we will move on, but at the moment there is a bit of hurt. As a human being, you have to trust and believe in people and in the good of the game. This isn't a Sussex thing, it's in world cricket and everyone is aware of that.

"When we met on Sunday, the players wanted to express themselves and what they're feeling. Everything that they stand for as individuals has been tarnished. They wanted to express their remorse if these charges are proven."