Love shines for Timberwolves

Kevin Love scored 23 points and gathered 24 rebounds to lead the Minnesota Timberwolves to a 97-89 win over the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday.

Love's rebound count bettered the previous mark of 23 by Cleveland Cavaliers man Anderson Varejao and helped his side end a losing run that had stretched to five matches.

Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins each scored 20 points for the Kings, who remain bottom of the Pacific Division.

The Indiana Pacers snatched a last-gasp 79-77 win over the LA Lakers, with George Hill on hand with the winning points in the final second.

Kobe Bryant had only just levelled the scores with a three-pointer to take his tally to 40 points - 21 more than the game's next highest-scorer, Hill.

The Philadelphia 76ers claimed a 100-98 win over the Dallas Mavericks, ending a six-game losing run in the fixture.

Evan Turner's 22 points and Thaddeus Young's 20 did much of the work for the Sixers, with Chris Kaman weighing in with 20 in a losing cause.

Central Division strugglers the Cleveland Cavaliers lost again - 91-78 at the hands of the Phoenix Suns- to go 3-12 for the season.

Varejao did his best for the Cavaliers, scoring 14 points and grasping 18 rebounds, but the Suns took control at the end of the third period and did not let go.

Goran Dragic registered 19 points and Michael Beasley added 15.

Like Cleveland, the Toronto Raptors have now lost 12 of their 15 matches this season following a 117-101 defeat to the Houston Rockets.

Houston made it four wins in a row as James Harden (24 points and 12 assists), Patrick Patterson (22 points) and Omer Asik (13 points and 18 rebounds) made hay.