Maldonado determined to keep calm

Pastor Maldonado is determined to keep his fiery temper in check after swapping a potentially winning Williams for a lacklustre Lotus.

As part of a Williams team enduring the worst season in the marque's illustrious history last year, Maldonado announced shortly before the end of the campaign he was quitting to join Lotus.

With hindsight, the decision appears to be a wretched one as Williams proved in pre-season testing they will be one of the teams to beat.

As for Lotus, after skipping the first test due to the late build of their car, they completed the lowest mileage of the 11 teams over the second and third tests in Bahrain as they encountered a litany of problems.

Their issues are reportedly so bad the cars may struggle to complete the first lap of Sunday's season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

That could be the spark that ignites Maldonado's ire as he has been known to vent his fury in the past when situations do not go his way.

But the 29-year-old is ready to show his calm side, as he said: "In the past I have had a very bad experience sometimes, but sometimes I have had a very good experience.

"It's normal you have bad days - not only as the driver, but even for the team. I am like that: human and not a robot like you, like all of you. I'm just driving the car.

"I'm fully focused on racing, on doing my best, so we need to work hard to try to solve all of the problems and at the moment it's quite tough.

"The cars are very complicated and we need to go very deep on small details, so we need more focus on the car rather than other things.

"So here I am, very optimistic and looking forward and being positive while working very hard with my team."

Despite seemingly jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire in switching from Williams to Lotus, Maldonado insists he has no regrets.

"They (Williams) have a good car, working quite hard from what they had last year - that's obvious," the Venezuelan added.

"From an aerodynamic point of view, the car is very similar to what we had last year. It's the (Mercedes) engine making the difference at the moment.

"It's a good team, as they have shown in the past, although they had some years without success. But they've a great place in Grove (the factory) with good people working.

"But I'm also in a good team who have won in the past and who have a good factory, so why not have a good car? I've no worries."