Maldonado: Perez crash bad luck

Pastor Maldonado believes the incident which saw him end the race of Sauber's Sergio Perez at Sunday's British Grand Prix was simply bad luck.

Maldonado was fined 10,000 euros (7,933) and reprimanded after running into Perez.

It was the second successive event Maldonado had brought an end to a rival's race after punting McLaren's Lewis Hamilton into a barrier in the European Grand Prix in Valencia a fortnight ago.

On this occasion Perez ripped into the Williams driver, accusing him of being "dangerous" and "stupid" and likely to hurt someone unless taught a lesson by the stewards.

Maldonado, however, stood his ground, believing his slide into the Mexican when they were both on cold tyres after pitting at the same time was simply "unlucky".

Maldonado said: "I lost the car on the entry to the corner (Brooklands).

"I even braked before my normal braking point, but I think the angle I had on the inside of the corner was not enough for the tyre conditions.

"With Lewis, in the last race in Valencia, I was not looking at the track, I got the kerb under the car and I was unable to turn. I was trying to recover.

"Here, it is clear I lost the car and it was normal race contact. It is the same when you spin and it is normal contact."

Asked to remark on Perez's comments, Maldonado added: "I have been visiting the stewards a lot.

"I feel sorry for the stewards and the team because I have been there, and the car was looking good for the race.

"It maybe was not the quickest, but it was consistent and the points were important for us.

"But we lost points which would have been important for the second part of the season."

Perez, though, was unrepentant it was "not a racing incident", even after he had had time to cool down.

Earlier Perez had said: "He has no respect for other drivers. It's the way he is driving.

"I made the same move on (Jenson) Button, and he rightly fought me hard, but he gave me the room.

"He (Maldonado) is a very stupid driver. He ran Hamilton out of the race in Valencia.

"I don't know why the stewards don't take more action against him. He deserves a big penalty.

"We are risking our lives out there and if they (the stewards) don't do something he will hurt someone.

"For all the drivers he is a very dangerous driver on the circuit."