Mandaric calm about takeover

Sheffield Wednesday chairman Milan Mandaric is ready to pursue other options if Hafiz Mammadov's proposed takeover of the club falls through.

Wednesday have been in talks with the Azerbaijani businessman for more than two months about a deal to buy the club.

Mandaric, in a video message issued through the Wednesday website, says he is not concerned about the ongoing delays to the buy-out and will explore other options if the deal falls through.

"It's something that I'm not really putting a huge amount of importance on at this time," said Mandaric.

"If Mr Mammadov crosses the line we'll take it and if he doesn't cross the line then we'll look at other options.

"But there is one option at this time and that is working very well and that is Milan Mandaric taking care of the club, as I have from day one.

"The most important thing is stability on and off the field and building for the future.

"What we need to do is enjoy what we have here and the supporters here know their club is in good hands, very stable and making proper additions."