Massa: There's still work to do

Felipe Massa says he's feeling "more comfortable" in Ferrari's F138 even when lapping in the rain.

Replacing his team-mate Fernando Alonso for the fourth and final day of this week's Barcelona test, Massa had to contend with the rain.

Despite a small error in the opening hour that resulted in him sliding off the track into the gravel, the Brazilian had a problem-free day.

Completing 64 laps, Massa posted a best time in the wet of 1:27.563.

"I feel much more comfortable in the car and with the balance as well," said the 31-year-old.

"I what we did in Jerez was quite positive, the feelings, but also the changes we did in the car as well. The car was balanced and I think that's very important.

"Here not so much because we had a very difficult day but anyway in the rain the car was quite good to drive, competitive as well through the run.

"I feel okay and I feel good in the car but I didn't drive for a long time in the car so it's important we use the next week very well, and the two days I have and the two days Fernando has just to be fully ready for the first race."

The Brazilian also revealed that Ferrari had not updated their car ahead of the second Barcelona, the difference was that this week they've gained a better understanding of how to set it up.

"From Jerez, the car is exactly the same. We didn't change anything really, no new pieces or anything, so the car is exactly the same as we finished Jerez.

"For sure we understood maybe the little details around the car that maybe we change again for here. It's like an evolution but not with new pieces or anything.

"Anyhow it's really the important time that we can bring new pieces to the car. The car is still 'green' so we need to make the car in a good shape for the first race.

"There is a lot to work on, there is a lot to do, and maybe it's a very important moment as well for people working on the aerodynamics, on the engine, on the chassis to put everything together in a good direction for the first race."