Mauresmo wrong for Murray

Virginia Wade does not believe Andy Murray's decision to appoint Amelie Mauresmo as his new coach will pay off.

The reigning Wimbledon champion made the surprise move to name Mauresmo to the role, on a short-term basis for now, earlier this month, news initially Wade thought was a joke.

She replaces Ivan Lendl, who helped Murray to victory at the 2012 Olympics and last summer's title in SW19, which he starts the defence of on Monday against David Goffin.

But Wade is not convinced their relationship will work, saying: "There's not quite the same intensity about him as maybe a year ago. Having Lendl there really made him think, 'I've got him watching me so I better be absolutely full tilt all the time.'

"It's hard to read him. Mauresmo was a total shock, I thought they were all fooling around. I think again he's maybe trying to mess with everybody. I don't know.

"She was a great player, she's a great person. I think she was a little fragile mentally because she had the capabilities of beating everybody.

"She's laid back, she's a very nice, mature person. But I can't work it out at all. You like to try to get behind people's thinking but I can't really with this one. You try to see what somebody's going to offer that player.

"Unless he just needs somebody there to say 'well done', which is possible too. As a player you need somebody to endorse you sometimes and not try to change anything.

"I have to say I thought Lendl would be a difficult choice but that was very successful. In the end it's the individual who's playing who has to appreciate the input.

"Unfortunately as a coach your time does get dated because what you say gets a little bit repetitive after a while and the player needs a fresh input. I think basically he (Murray) dictates what he wants to do and the coach adds in between the lines."