McGeady: A great experience

New Everton signing Aiden McGeady has admitted his three-and-a-half years in Russia with Spartak Moscow was a real 'eye-opener'.

The 27-year-old Republic of Ireland international left Celtic for the Russian capital in 2010 where he enjoyed a completely different lifestyle - both on and off the pitch.

"I could probably write a book on it the amount of things there were," he


"Things are that little bit different over there, a bit like it was here 20 years ago.

"The first couple of years were great but after that the novelty wore off a little bit and it was a difficult place to live with a family, it's not the easiest place to bring up children.

"It is a totally different way of life and the way they approach football over there is like night and day compared to here. It was probably just too big a change."

McGeady was linked with Wigan last season when Everton manager Roberto Martinez was still in charge but a deal failed to materialise.

"Towards the end I was getting a bit frustrated but I never had any falling-out with the manager," he added.

"In the end it was just a case of they were getting tired of me not re-signing so I ended up getting put in the youth team, which was a good experience.

"But I can't have any complaints, it was a great life experience and a real eye-opener.

"The standard of the top teams was pretty good as they have a lot of money and Zenit went and spent 50m euros on Hulk and 40m euros on Axel Witsel.

"It was a difficult league. Every away game was a flight. I've actually been to Siberia - five and a half hours on a flight for an away game."

McGeady, who is in the squad for Monday's trip to West Brom for the Sky Live fixture, was delighted when the opportunity arose for him to move to Merseyside.

"It has taken a while to get into the Premier League," he said.

"Whenever I was linked with (English) teams there was nothing I could do, it was down to the club (Spartak) and when you are under contract to a team like that they don't really bother that much about money.

"They want silly money for you so it kind of puts you out of move but I was under contract any way and kind of happy.

"I wasn't too fussed but obviously when I got to the last year of my contract I was getting a bit agitated. Everything seems to have worked out for the best."

Catch all the excitement as West Brom host Everton on the Monday Night Football Show, which begins at 7.00pm.